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MGA'S Glitter Babyz - MARINA FINLEY - Baby Doll with 3 Magical Colour Changes

MGA'S Glitter Babyz - MARINA FINLEY - Baby Doll with 3 Magical Colour Changes

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SPARKLY BABY DOLL - Follow the sparkle into the sunset and take a left at the moon to discover the magical world of Glitter Babyz. Glittering, beautiful, magical babies that have big, beautiful eyes, sparkles on their eyelashes & glitter in their hair
MARINA - Marina Finley is a mermaid-inspired glitter baby doll with bubbles and seashells in her eyes, and on her bottles and pacifier. She has ‘mermaid squad’ written on her t-shirt. Each baby has a unique personality expressed in their unique style
3 MAGICAL COLOUR CHANGES - (1) Hair colour changes when you give her a bath (bathtub sold separately); (2) The magical shampoo bottle changes colour each time you add ice cold water; (3) Just add ice cold water to the juice bottle for it to change colour
SO MANY WAYS TO NURTURE - Show them all your tender loving care to keep their magic alive and sparkling. Feed her a bottle, change her diaper, give her a bath (bathtub sold separately), and then lay her down for nap time
LOTS OF FUN - Each baby doll comes with a removable t-shirt, reusable diaper, pacifier, colour changing juice bottle, magical colour changing shampoo bottle, and colour changing hair. Everything that comes with your magical Glitter Babyz can be reused
PRO TIP - Just like a real baby, Glitter Babyz's diaper will sometimes leak if she is over fed. During feeding time, make sure to swaddle your baby in a towel to protect yourself from unwanted messes
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