• Why Buy from Cat Boxes?

    We are a small company and we take pride in what we do.

    • Everything hand-checked
    • No Drop shipping
    • Save toys from landfill

  • We have been trading on eBay for over 23 years and have branched out to our own website in 2024.

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We check all stock is working and fit for sale

As a lot of our stock is classed as 'seconds' we personally check everything is working, has all parts and is fit for sale. If anything is missing this will be clearly stated in the description as will any condition of packaging. So it is very important to read the descriptions and look at photos before purchasing.

All Lego is checked, checked and triple checked

Most of the Lego we sell is brand new in unopened bags and only has damage to the outer box. However, sometimes we get used Lego in or Lego where one or more of the bags has been opened. In these instances we check every single piece is included, we often spend hours on one set ensuring everything is rebagged in the number order so that you can get the full Lego experience!

Xbox Controllers go through a vigorous testing process.

Our main line of products are the Xbox controllers. These come to us used and go through a vigorous testing and cleaning process. All controllers are given one final test moments before packaging up for shipping, this final test is videoed and can be emailed to the buyer on request for peace of mind that a working controller is going to be delivered!

Most of our products are Factory Seconds

Factory seconds, also known as factory rejects or simply seconds, are retail items that, through minor fault of manufacture, are sold to the public for a reduced rate, rather than being discarded. The goods are often resold at this lower rate after failing the factory's quality inspection, being returned to the manufacturer's factory by the original retailer, or (less frequently) being returned to the retailer or wholesaler by the customer.

We buy these items in as 'seconds' or used items. It is very important to make sure you read the descriptions and look at photos to ensure you know what you are buying.

We care

We are only a small company so every sale is special to us (we even do a little jig with every sale that comes through!) So we will do everything possible to ensure you have an easy and pleasant transaction!